Māori Technological Capacity I:
J. Turuwhenua


Hook (2007) urged Māori to engage more fully in science and technology (S&T) as a means for “socio-economic uplift”. To that end, a model including factors influencing the technological capacity (of Māori) was presented. The present author views technological capacity as one measure (of a number of possible measures) indicating the overall “health” of the collective (Māori). The advantage of this view is that it is naturally incumbent on the collective to foster environments that provide for scientific development. On the other hand, the negative perceptions of Māori toward S&T are acknowledged. Even so, Māori partake of the “fruits” of S&T daily, and this engagement is only likely to increase. It seems unsatisfactory (to this scientist at least) to continue at the periphery of S&T development. Building technological capacity will depend on relationships between Māori and non-Māori. The work of numerous individuals and groups engaged in increasing the participation and achievement of Māori should be acknowledged.

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