A Heap of Metal? A Narrative of Medals Awarded to Soldiers in ‘A’ Company, 28 Battalion
Corinthia Kepa


This research project examines the meaning of the medals awarded to the soldiers in ‘A’ Company, 28 Battalion during World War II. It analyses the interface between this military history and the social location of the 28 Battalion, Māori identity and issues around citizenship. The data-gathering part of the study involves archival research of the appropriate literature held at the Auckland University Library and the appropriate artifacts at the Auckland War Memorial Museum. In addition, semi-structured interviews are used. It is expected that through the stories generated by the war medals, the notion of the Intergenerational family is likely to be highlighted and reinforced. Finally, the data and results should contribute to knowledge about the recent history and the cultural identity of Patuharakeke Hapū and the broader Māori community in Aotearoa-New Zealand.

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